Decision aid about tendon vs. nerve transfer vs. no surgery after spinal cord injury

Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The team is developing a web-based tool for people who have had a cervical level spinal cord injury (SCI) that limits movement in their arms and hands. The tool will help them learn about 2 types of surgery that can help bring back (regain) movements, strength, or both, that were lost from the injury. These surgeries are called nerve transfer and tendon transfer.

Fox, I.K. (2018 – 2019). Supporting Patient Decisions About UE Surgery in Cervical SCI. Identifier NCT03464409.

Moritz W, Westman AM, Politi MC, Dod Working Group, Fox IK. Assessing an Online Patient Decision Aid about Upper Extremity Reconstructive Surgery for Cervical Spinal Cord Injury: Pilot Testing Knowledge, Decisional Conflict, and Acceptability. MDM Policy Pract. 2023;8(2):23814683231199721. Published 2023 Oct 18. doi:10.1177/23814683231199721

This project is supported by a Department of Defense grant to Dr. Fox.

This project is led by Dr. Ida Fox with collaboration from Dr. Mary Politi, Dr. Aimee James, and a team of external advisors.