Decision making about osteoporosis medications in older adults

Division of Public Health Sciences and Department of Occupational Therapy

One study examined the quality of online information on bisphosphnate use for osteoporosis. Another study conducted interviews with 30 women over 65 years of age whom had never take bisphosphonates to assess their feelings toward medication benefits/risks.

Fuzzell, L.N., Richards, M.J, Fraenkel, L., Stark, S.L., Politi, M.C. (2019) What information can the lay public find about osteoporosis treatment? A descriptive study coding the content and quality of bisphosphonate information on the internetOsteoporos Int. 30(11):2299-2310. doi:10.1007/s00198-019-05008-4

Fuzzell, L.N., Fraenkel, L., Stark, S.L., Seehra, S.S., Nelson, C., Keleman. A., Politi, M.C. (2020) A Mixed Methods Study Exploring Older Womens’ Attitudes Toward Osteoporosis Medications: Adapting a Health Communication Framework. Womens Health Rep (New Rochelle). 1(1):102-113. doi:10.1089/whr.2019.0014