Parents’ experiences with tracheostomy placement among infants being discharged from the NICU

Division of Newborn Medicine and Division of Public Health Sciences

This project will adapt a written tracheostomy decision guide and extensive stakeholder engagement with an advisory board of neonatology and palliative care faculty, and otolaryngology/tracheostomy nurse practitioners. Next, it will test the refined decision guide with parents of NICU infants for whom tracheostomy placement is being considered.

This project is led by Kylie Bushroe, MD, Newborn Medicine Fellow, with Dr. Mary Politi and Dr. Ashley Housten as mentors.

This project is supported by the Division of Newborn Medicine.


Bushroe, K.M., Crisp, K.D., Politi, M.C. et al. Evaluating caregiver-clinician communication for tracheostomy placement in the neonatal intensive care unit: a qualitative inquiryJ Perinatol (2023).