THRIVE: Trajectories of Recovery after Intravenous Propofol vs inhaled VolatilE anesthesia

Department of Anesthesiology

By conducting the first pragmatic, large-scale, comparative effectiveness, randomized evaluation of patient experience of inhaled volatile vs. intravenous anesthesia, this study will rapidly inform and improve the care of 300 million patients undergoing surgery each year worldwide. The findings of the THRIVE trial will be readily translated into real-world practice through dissemination of evidence, and specifically through the team’s extensive national MPOG quality improvement infrastructure, which provides personalized, monthly benchmarking and feedback to 50 health systems and 4,500 individual clinicians. Our center leaders are supporting the stakeholder engagement and decision-making components of THRIVE.

This project is led by Dr. Michael Avidan and Dr. Sachin Kheterpal.

Kheterpal, S. & Avidan, M. (2021) THRIVE: Trajectories of Recovery after Intravenous Propofol vs. Inhaled VolatilE Anesthesia. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. Updated March 4, 2022.

This project is supported by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.