Our team at the Center for Collaborative Care Decisions has compiled a number of resources for those looking to learn more about shared decision making and patient decision aids. We also offer suggested guides for conducting research regarding these processes and tools and resources for clinical training and implementation. Learn more about our efforts and find resources for in the links below.

Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making allows patients to better understand the full range of their options when it comes to making health care choices. Communication, education, evidence and understanding empowers patients and families to make informed decisions and builds trust between a patient and their provider. The Center for Collaborative Care Decisions offers training programs and external resources for providers seeking to better understand and implement the process of shared decision making into their practice.

Patient Decision Aids

Patient decision aids are a vital tool within the process of shared decision making. These aids provide clear and comprehensible language when there are multiple reasonable options for care. While these aids do not replace clinical counseling, they act as a valuable resource for patients seeking to make the most informed decisions regarding their care.  Washington University and BJC offer a systematic process in order to help physicians incorporate patient decision aids into their practice. Our electronic health record (EHR) integration guide and a number of resources for understanding standards, guidelines and criteria for developing high-quality decision aids are available here.

Research Resources

The Center for Collaborative Care Decisions provides a number of resources for those looking to develop their own research projects on the impact of shared decision making, patient decision aids and other measures of patient-centered care intervention and education. In this rapidly expanding field, there are a number of methods for conducting and measuring research. Our Center’s recommended guides and resources for conducting research on these processes and tools, including core measures to consider when conducting research, standards for reporting and suggestions for implementation can be accessed here.

Clinical Resources

In order to assist those interested in learning how to engage in the shared decision making process in their clinical practice, we offer a number of resources on training, development and implementation for providers. Find guides, events and external resources for clinicians here.